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HDI-S Digital Xray Sensors


Are you looking for good quality and reliable digital imaging solutions?
Introducing the new and improved HDI-S Digital Xray Sensor available in sizes 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0, Works with Dexis 10.1, EagleSoft, VixWin, Prof. Suni, XrayVision, Carestream, EZDent, and many more.

Concerned about the future of Apteryx after LED acquired it? No need to worry, we offer an XVLite, XRVision alternative. The Discovery Software has plugins for most sensors, PSP scanners and cameras making it easy to switch and yes to bridges to most PMS. More info on the Discovery Software coming soon.

HDI-S Digital Xray Sensors

HDI-S Digital Xray Sensors

HDI-S Digital Xray Sensor Sample X-Ray Image

HDI-S Digital Xray Sensor Size #1

reg $ 5,699   Call For Price

HDI-S Digital Xray Sensor Size #1.5

reg $ 5,899   Call For Price

HDI-S Digital Xray Sensor Size #2

reg $ 6,099   Call For Price

Sensor Specifications

Sensor technology:CMOS
Outside dimensions of sensor (length x width x thickness):
39 x 25 x 5 mm (S1)
43 x 31 x 5 mm (S2)
Surface Sensible Taille
30 x 20 mm (600mm2) - (S1)
34 x 26 mm (900mm2) - (S2)
Sensitive surface:
1500 x 1000 pixels (S1)
1700 x 1300 pixels (S2)
Sensor resolution:
Over à 20 pl/mm (S1 et S2)
Length of sensor cable:
3 m
14 bits (16384 grey levels)
Connection: USB:
USB 2.0 High-Speed (480Mbit/s) et USB 3.0.

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